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Dr. Latteier was recommended by one of his partners and two physical therapists for my total knee replacement. They described him as meticulous, thorough, highly skilled and caring deeply about patient outcomes. I found all of that to be true. Although my surgery was only yesterday, my physical therapist just gave me A+++ for mobility and range of motion. I feel very optimistic about a great outcome.

Tim - September 2019

Dr. Latteier demonstrated skill and expertise in the treatment of my right hip, which he replaced utilizing the anterior approach. I couldn't have asked for or expected a smoother recovery. He kept me informed throughout the process so that I knew what to expect during recovery. I highly recommend this talented physician and surgeon.

Sep 25, 2019

Dr. Latteier did a great job pre, during and post surgery as I needed a full hip replacement. He took all the time I needed to explain the procedure, the post opp expectation and recovery. I am amazed at the ease of recovery, the speed and lack of pain. I highly recommend him.

Steven – Sep 25, 2019

Total hip replacement - in and out and feeling great at 2 weeks, really back by my 6 week mark.

Sep 18, 2019

Dr. Latteier recently performed a total right knee revision after 14 years with my first TKR. It has been two weeks and I am walking without any assistance and I am able to participate in physical therapy with excellent flexion and bend. I have been so impressed with the care I have been given prior to my surgery and after. Dr. Latteier is thorough and has always done what is in my best interest for my knee. It has been a fantastic experience and I am thrilled that I found Dr. Latteier and will continue to see him for any orthopedic needs.

Kelly - September 2019

His anterior approach hip replacement was perfect for me. Clear, accurate, and detailed communication. Excellent bedside manner. Personalized care in that he will adjust based on his conversations with you. Super fast recovery. Well-respected. Helluva nice guy. He is the very best! So So thankful that I found him.

Jay – Aug 29, 2019

Dr. Latteier is very professional. Answered all of my questions and gave me a lot of feedback, and pros and cons of having knee replacement surgery. I have decided to have my knee replacement on my right knee done in February. Dr. Latteier is very confident in what he is doing by his thorough explanation to the many questions i had. The entire staff was very nice.

Jacqueline - September 2019

Dr Latteier was the surgeon for my knee replacement. Not only was he a skilled surgeon; he was also personal!!

Janice – Aug 13, 2019

My experience with Dr. Latteier was very positive. From the initial consultation to surgery to post surgery follow up visits, Dr. Latteier was professional, compassionate, and informative. He is obviously a very skilled surgeon. I had hip replacement using the anterior approach, and my recovery time has been shorter than I had anticipated. When it comes time to have my other hip done, Dr. Latteier will be my first choice. I recommend him highly!!

Neil – Jul 18, 2019

Dr, Latteier is an excellent doctor -- professionalism, patient care, explaining in detail and overall a very nine mattered doctor. The surgery was a complete success and I can walk again. highly recommend.

Osawatomie, KS – Jun 15, 2019

He is a wonderful Doctor/surgeon. He explains everything to me before and what to expect after.

Diana  in Lee’s Summit , MO – Jun 13, 2019

Dr. Latteier demonstrated skill and expertise. I couldn't have asked for or expected a smoother recovery from anterior approach TRHR. He kept me informed throughout the process so that I knew what to expect during recovery. I highly recommend this talented physician and surgeon.

Jerri - 2019

Dr. Latteier, was the only Dr out of several that took the time to speak to me personally about my care! he never had his assistant speak to me about my Hip. He took his time explaining to me the risk and he gave me instruction to lose weight and he kept his word and is now going to operate on me and for that I am truly grateful and thankful!!

Scott -June 2019

Dr. Latteier is a wonderful orthopedic surgeon. He is very professional and always answers your questions and concerns. My hip replacement surgery was a complete success and am no longer in any pain and do not limp. I recommend him unconditionally.

Terri  in Lenexa, KS – Jun 12, 2019

Dr. Latteier recently performed a total right knee replacement on me. I am so grateful Dr. Latteier was my surgeon. He did an excellent job, and I healed very quickly from the surgery. Not only is he a very skilled surgeon, he is a very kind man, and did everything he could to make this a good experience for me. I highly recommend this doctor.

Ronni in Shawnee, KS – Jun 05, 2019

Although surgery is never something you want to have sometimes, it is a necessity for living a more active life. My knee surgery by Dr Lattiere was a very positive surgery. Dr Lattiere has a very caring nature that puts you at easy to ask questions and voice concerns. He takes time to answer your questions and put your concerns to rest. He has surrounded himself in his office and on his hospital surgery team with very professional, caring staff. Everyone was so ready to help your every need. I truly appreciate Dr Lattiere and his staff both in his office and in the hospital.

Jane -2019

I recently had hip replacement surgery with Dr. Latteier. From my first appointment on, I have been totally pleased with Dr. Latteier and his staff. All questions were completely answered, and I never felt like I was just another time slot on the schedule. I was contacted almost weekly by his staff to keep up on my progress and to address any concerns on my part. The most important part is "How did the surgery go"? At three weeks, no walker, no cane, and no pain medication. What more can be said! I would highly recommend Dr Latteier.

Wayne -May 2019

Unlike others in the office he required more detailed xrays on my knee. When I met with him he took a great deal of time explaining the issues with my knee. He also used charts to show. He gave me some exercises to do which has allowed me to delay my surgery. I was very impressed. My internist sent me to him based on positive surgeries on his patients

Mar 22, 2019

Extremely positive experience. Dr. Latteier was very positive and was detailed regarding the hip replacement surgery I was going to have. I am pain free after 6 week from my surgery, and I am looking forward to enjoying life again.

Mar 22, 2019

I cannot say enough positive remarks about this man. He gave me my life back. Six weeks out, I have to pause to remember which hip he replaced, it feels completely back to what I remember as being normal. Not only did he do the most excellent job, he has always given of his time generously about any concerns I may have had. He is a very humble, intelligent man who made me feel totally comfortable in all settings. I can't praise him and his expertise enough.

Linda in Olathe, KS – Feb 07, 2019

Couldn't have asked for a better experience ..Had TKR on 7/30/18 and the other one done on 11/5/18. Had speedy recovery and minimal pain with both. I was so thankful that I found Dr Latteier. I was not referred to him by anyone, so I believe that the Lord just led me to the perfect surgeon. He was informative, patient and caring. The care that I received at Menorah Medical Center was also top notch. I have recommended Dr Latteier to everyone who may need the surgery in future.

Janice -February 2019

Absolutely the very best. Personally referred to me by a highly trusted friend Dr. Latteier had helped. My procedure was an anterior hip replacement. From our first meeting until my 6-week post-op meeting this week, the experience could not have been any better. I was totally off all pain meds  in 2 1/2 weeks. I used my walker the first week and a cane for about 10 days after that. My only struggle is to not overdue it. And that's a good thing. Thank you Dr. Latteier.

Jim in Leavenworth , KS – Nov 30, 2018

Dr Latteier has replaced both my right and left knee. I would recommend him to anyone who is experiencing joint pains. He is kind and caring and listened to all my concerns and worked to resolve all issues. I have no pain in my knees and I am able to go up and down stairs and walking is pain  is pain free.

Sally in Overland Park , KS – Nov 14, 2018

This was my 2nd total hip replacement. My left was done using posterior approach. My right was done by Dr Latteier using anterior approach. Huge difference between my procedures. After the posterior, I vowed never to do another joint procedure. Recovery & pain was horrible. Anterior approach was way better. If your surgeon only does posterior approach, you should find another surgeon.

Olathe, KS – Nov 10, 2018

Hip replacement surgery was my first major surgery and thanks to Dr. Latteier it was like a walk in the park. My sister and niece who came from Germany to take care of me were astounded at my quick recovery. After 2 weeks I could walk and work in the yard without pain. My hip had been in very bad shape and even required bone graft procedure. Dr. Latteier's friendly manner immediately instilled total trust in him and I can't thank him enough to give me back my active lifestyle.

Ria in Kansas City, MO – Oct 24, 2018

Outstanding surgical results and outstanding bedside manner with superior support staff. I would recommend Dr. Latteier to anyone.

Elizabeth  in KS – Oct 07, 2018

Dr. Latteier performed total hip replacement on my right hip on April 2, 2018. The surgery was performed in the morning and I was released to go home the next afternoon. I am extremely happy with my experience. The anterior procedure for hip replacement was thoroughly explained prior to surgery. I was walking right away and have never experienced pain. At two weeks out, I can walk steps easily and do not need the assistance of a walker or cane. Feeling blessed that this experience has been nothing but positive. The staff at Menorah Hospital was caring, friendly and helpful. I will definitely recommended Dr. Latteier to friends and family. Should I ever need orthopedic surgery again, I will seek the wisdom and expertise of Dr. Latteier.

Janice -October 2018

Very informative. Explained the pros and cons of my partial knee replacement. Took his time answering questions and explaining the procedure and made me feel at ease. Been only 6 weeks since surgery, pain minimal, glad I did it! Can only get better!

Overland Park, KS – Sep 15, 2018

Great Dr. Had excellent care. Made procedure easy to understand Would recommend him to all needing replacement surgeries.

S Fuller in K.C , MO – Aug 16, 2018

Dr. Latteier provided a thorough exam with my mother to assess her possible need for a hip replacement. He was very informative as to what here X-Rays revealed. He did recommend a cortisone injection rather than going ahead with a replacement. The injection has been successful.

Jul 12, 2018

I would like to thank Dr. Latteier and his team for the services they provided to me, new hip able to walk, ride a bike with out pain.. Am so so thankful.

May 27, 2018

Dr. Latteier performed total hip replacement on my right hip on April 2, 2018. The surgery was performed in the morning and I was released to go home the next afternoon. I am extremely happy with my experience. The anterior procedure for hip replacement was thoroughly explained prior to surgery. I was walking right away and have never experienced pain. At two weeks out, I can walk steps easily and do not need the assistance of a walker or cane.

Jan in Grain Valley, MO – Apr 20, 2018

Dr. Latteier preformed a total knee replacement on my right knee in February 2018. I just returned for my 6 weeks post op check up. I could not be more please with the result of my surgery, the doctor and his bedside manor. Dr. Latteier is not only professional but a gifted surgeon . He seemed to genuinely care for my well being and comfort. He took the time needed to thoroughly explain the procedure and the pros and cons of this type of surgery. He is #1 in my book.

John in Olathe, Kansas – Apr 09, 2018

Having never had surgery, I was apprehensive about a total hip replacement. From the initial office visit, he explained the procedure clearly and set my mind at ease. He was reassuring the morning of surgery and during my hospital stay. I am six weeks post-op today. I no longer need a cane, can walk without any pain or limp and am ready to get back to swimming. As a military family, we appreciate his service as an Air Force surgeon. Kansas City is fortunate to have this skilled physician.

Christy in Lee's Summit, MO – Apr 04, 2018

The best Dr. I have ever worked with. Very open and takes plenty of time to explain all of your options. Just entering my sixth week after TKR and he did a wonderful job. Planning on doing my other knee next December. Really seems to care about his patients and i would highly recommend him.

Terry in OVERLAND PARK – Mar 28, 2018

Dr. Latteier is an amazing surgeon. He is courteous and interested in how you are progressing and giving you feedback on how you should feel.

Elizabeth  in Leawood, KS – Jan 31, 2018

I am 3 months, double hip replacement, post op. I have been gloriously pain free since then. I very highly recommend Dr. Latteier.

Sally in Overland Park, KS – Dec 13, 2017

I am 68 years old and have surgeries and been treated by numerous doctors for back, knee, neck, and hand issues. Dr. Latteier is the best Doctor I have ever seen without exception! He has replaced both of my knees and my wives Hip, Michael takes the time to explain and answer any questions you may have with the surgery and after treatments.. He truly cares about his patients - treats them like family, makes you confident that all will go great. If you have orthopedic issues he the go to guy.

Terry  in Overland Park, KS – Nov 10, 2017

I just left Dr Latteier's office where I had my 6 week check after my knee replacement. I wanted to take a moment to share my experience. Dr Latteier doesn't have much feed back in the Kansas City area but if you'll check Phoenix area You'll learn more about him. My experience is that he is a skilled surgeon with a great personality. He is attentive and caring and takes all the time you need to explain the procedure and follow up care.

David  – Jun 28, 2017

I am thankful as an aging Baby Boomer that there is a doctor such as Dr. Latteier who clearly has a calling for his specialty. Dr. Latteier is brilliant, talented, kind, caring and good at educating his patients. Dr. Latteier made sure hospital staff were taking good care of me and checked on me every morning after he replaced/built up my hip. My life and future is better thanks to Dr. Latteier, I will never forget how blessed I was to be operated on by him before he left Arizona.

Karen D. in Payson, AZ – Jul 31, 2016

Replaced my right knee. He is very caring, professional, answered all my questions and supportive. I would recommend him to anyone I know needing orthopedic surgery. Excellent Doctor.

Ann in Mesa, AZ – Jul 27, 2016

My surgery and follow up care were outstanding!

Bill  in Mesa, AZ – Jul 23, 2016

From the first office visit to last seeing him after surgery we felt in good hands with his knowledge, his personality and his ability. It was very thoughtful to find flowers in our room after surgery. He is a keeper. We will send positive remarks to those who ask for an ortho surgeon in the future.

Betty in Mesa, AZ – Dec 23, 2015

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